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TCM and Beauty

One component of TCM is known as Chinese Medicine Cosmetology, or Mei Rong. It was originally devised as an anti-aging system for members of the Emperor's court. Drawing upon acupuncture techniques and the internal use and external application of Chinese herbs, Mei Rong sought to keep a patient's skin looking young and flawless, like fine porcelain. At Weining TCM centre we use these same concepts in our products to promote beauty from the inside out.

No matter your age, numerous herbal super-tonics can help you fight the aging process – and transform your skin, complexion, hair, nails, and overall glow.

Typically, Western anti-aging approaches focus on wrinkles and other aging signs that are already present. But Chinese herbs are used to help your body’s self-healing capacity correct the conditions that cause the wrinkles in the first place. That’s one reason why it is crucial to consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner or herbalist who can select the right herbal blends to boost your overall beauty from within. Your TCM consultant will need to consider your whole complex of individual symptoms to select the best balance of herbal blends. Beauty-enhancing herbs come in capsules, tinctures, teas, and topical products – and you need an expert to advise you on the best product types, dosages, and interactions.

Diminish wrinkles with acupuncture

Before After

Beauty and acne relief with traditional oriental herbal facial mask

These natural and healing ingredients regulate the skin’s delicate mechanism and hinder follicular clogging, thereby preventing and controlling breakouts to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Improve local circulation, relief pressure with special head massage