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TCM practitioners use natural herbs, medicated bath, acupuncture and other natural ways to treat illness conditions, including the kidney disorder.

The Kidneys According to TCM

TCM regards the Kidneys as much more than their physical functions, they are actually regarded the "root of life" with functions closely related to every aspect of our development from birth to death.

TCM views your body is an integrated whole. When treating kidney disease,

TCM not only focuses on your kidney damage, but also achieve an internal balance of your whole body. This is why many patients feel additional alleviations after TCM treatment. Here are leading 3 TCM ways for Kidney Disease for your information.

Chinese Herbs for Kidney Disease

Chinese herbs have been proven an effective way to treat kidney damage with numerous cases over the past 5000 years. Different herbs show different natural ability in kidney management. Your TCM doctor will prescript a herbal formula based on your own conditions, which may help you repair the damaged kidney tissues, improve kidney functions, alleviate symptoms naturally.

For example, rhubarb is proven effective in controlling kidney failure, which can help prolong survival during kidney disease. In addition, the combination of Angelica root and astragulus may protect the kidneys against reduced blood flow and improve oxygenation, according to China's First Hospital and Institute of Nephrology.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we offered herbal formula and Chinese herbs for kidney disease, since 30 years ago. If you have interest in a personalized herbal formula, you are suggested to talk with our TCM practitioner.

Acupuncture for Kidney Disease

Acupuncture is a component of the health care system in TCM, which can be traced back at least 3.000 years. This therapy uses specific thin needles to insert points along meridians though your skin. TCM believed that acupuncture can balance the flow of energy or life force. By inserting specific acu-points, acupuncture can help your energy flow to re-balance.

It worked as medical use for kidney disease, since the time of Ancient China.

Acupuncture helps kidney disease patients to reduce the following symptoms:

- sexual function decline

- respiratory disorder

- underdeveloped sexual characteristics

- frequent urination

- swelling, edema, puffiness

- low back pain

- delayed development in Children

- Restless, anxious

- rapid heartbeat

- Dizziness, tinnitus

- Poor appetite, loose stools