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Headache and Migraine

Treat all kinds of chronic headache, such as, Vascular headache, Tension-type Headache, eye caused headache, rhinogenous headache, external compression headache, brain tumor caused headache and Migraine.

With 40 years history, secret prescription handed down in the family, we treated our patients in special ways without any side affects. Normal patient only need one course (six treatments), and patients with more than 10 years headache will need 2-3 courses treatment to recovery.

Acupuncture half an hour, plus TuiNa (Massage) half an hour, plus Cupping ten minutes and Herbal (Qi Wei Tou Tong San).

Trigeminal Neuralgia

The traditional Chinese medicine considers the Trigeminal Neuralgia is due to the kidney-Yin deficiency,like the shallow river water couldn’t raise dragons, that is, Yin and yang couldn’t continuously produce each other, liver and kidney dysfunction, lead to the un-balance to the body. Trigeminal neuralgia most often occurs in the morning, then it worse at noon, reduces gradually till at night. It can begin suddenly when brushing teeth, cough and loudness speak, etc.

With inherited techniques, JIANG LONG TANG decocted by traditional way, which contains the following ingredients, ginseng, gastrodia elata,rhizoma,liqusticum chuanxiong, angelica, dihuang, White Peony, etc. It has been treated effectively more than 400 cases. Normally, patient recovers in two weeks, no more than a month