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Our Practitioners

TCM Dr. Wang - Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture

Dr Fengmei Wang inherited specialist skills and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine from her doctors’ family. Graduated from Henan TCM College and worked for Hospital in China as director of Incurable and Difficult Disease Department, Dr Wang has more than twenty years of clinical experiences. She is particularly specialized in using TCM for treating the following diseases and health problems: gastropathy (stomach problems), hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, male and female infertility, gynaecological diseases, eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases. While adhering to her traditional learning and practice, Dr Wang further explored and developed her expertise into the fields of effective treatment of leukaemia, nephritis, renal insufficiency, uraemia, and rehabilitation therapies for various cancers after intensive radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. Dr Wang’s treatments have been proven to be very effective. As a result, Dr Wang has received numerous amounts of compliments and gratitude from her patients.

TCM Dr. Fu - Massage, Reflexotherapy

Dr Jianguo Fu, as an experienced senior Chinese acupuncturist and massage practitioner, he inherited the techniques of traumatological precision and effectiveness from the renowned Zhongyuan Martial Arts (Kung Fu) School of Massage. Through years’ of learning and practice, Dr Fu has developed a distinctive massage method for achieving human body’s internal balance amongst various organs, i.e., “Fu An Bei Tui”, which means unblock and connect important channels in the body by massaging the stomach and the back areas where the most important Ren channel (front) and Du channel (back) are located. Clinic evidences have proven that this method of re-establishing body‘s internal balance can bring a series of health benefits with remarkable effect, e.g., alleviating symptoms of headache, migraine, cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral arthritis (frozen shoulder), lumbar and leg pain, bruises and other pain and physical disorders. It also has a unique curative effect for treating male lumbar debility, impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, and depression. Patients who have received Dr Fu’s treatment often say, “It not only makes them feel good, but also look good”.