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Weimin Chinese Medicine Clinic, located at Union Street, Glasgow city centre, close to the east gate of central station and St. Enoch subway, only 5 minutes away from Queen statin and Buchanan bus station, also there is a bus stop in front of the clinic, easy to reach.

It’s the main artery through the city, a thoroughfare where the pace of life is relentless. Not a part of town famed for the off-beat or the tranquil, but look a little deeper and you’ll be surprised what you might find.

Weimin Chinese Medicine Clinic is a family running clinic, generation by generation, it has over 400 years experiences on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), its history can be traced to the famous TCM Dr. Fushan (Fu Qingzhu) in Min dynasty of China.

Weimin clinic aims to improve people’s health through providing the professional TCM services including herbs, acupuncture, massage therapy etc. It creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for patients and integrates with the traditional approach.

In addition to the traditional medical service, Weimin clinic also uses the modern equipment for diagnostic and preparation, e.g. B Scan test, electrocardiogram diagnostic, herbal extraction and packing. Our mission is to provide customers with the scientific diagnostic and efficient treatment.

The Acupuncture and Massage of our clinic originated in Wushu from Shaolin, which has a careful study of precise and practiced skills. For example, the massage of pressing the abdomen and pushing the back can enable the five internal organs to work in coordination by manipulating the acupoints and viscera. It is suitable for cosmetology, body-beauty and treatment of difficult disease such as neck, shoulder, and waist or leg pain. The massage is excellent for patients especially like children who fear injections and medicine. After 4 treatments, the common cold could be alleviated, even fully recovered. It also has an exceptional good effect on cerebral embolism and the paralysis caused by cerebral thrombosis. We would visit the disabled patients at their home if needed.